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De Paris

Coiffure de Paris, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009, is the monthly reference for salon professionals. Coiffure de Paris is aimed at professional hairdresser at from three angles: artist, manager or technician but also an entrepreneur. Thus, Hair Paris addresses both the industry news, exits modes podiums and hairstyle trends and developments in the barber profession. Each issue benefits from the collaboration of the greatest stylists and photographers. The "+" Coiffure de Paris: the training, a photo shoot with a reputable hairdresser, followed by the "step by step" technique, and the detachable sheets. No. 1 of the industry trade press magazine with his shot to almost 15,000 copies, Coiffure de Paris has developed several deals in the service of hairdressers. In addition to the magazine, also publishes Paris Hair: - Of Albums, containing the hair trends of the season, or on a specific theme such as hairstyles for brides hairstyles of the stars (in partnership with Gala) - Agendas - A beautiful book collector, 100 years of Coiffure 180 pages which traces the evolution of the hairstyle and its development in the 20th century including the birth of the permanent, the appearance of big names like Antoine hairdressing or Alexandre de Paris The arrival of the shingle or the first few colorations that was then called tinctures. Beautifully illustrated with numerous photos, this beautiful book is a tribute to the art of hairdressing.